How Trees Make Your Life Better

Why Trees Can Make You Happier Our tree care specialists at Urban Forestry Tree Service love trees and sometimes, we’re even known to hug them on occasion. Whenever we’re near one of these giant plants, we feel a sense of comfort and a feeling as if we’re somehow related to them. Like a distant relative.Continue reading “How Trees Make Your Life Better”

The Best Low Maintenance Tree for Your Landscape in Colorado

Tree care on your landscape doesn’t always have to be complicated. In fact, we always recommend that aspiring landscape architects start with trees that are a bit more forgiving to any potential costly mistakes (in other words – keep it simple stupid)! That’s where low maintenance trees come into play… If you’re not already familiarContinue reading “The Best Low Maintenance Tree for Your Landscape in Colorado”

Best Time of Year to Plant Trees in Colorado

Spring is here, and along with the change of season comes one of the best times to plant new trees! And we can think of no better way to beautify your landscape and lower your stress levels than to honor planet Earth with new growth! At the time of this writing, COVID-19 social distancing andContinue reading “Best Time of Year to Plant Trees in Colorado”

Does Vitamin B1 Help Plants Grow?

So sure, as tree service experts we may not exactly be gardeners, but we have stumbled across this myth more than once in our landscaping careers – the idea that Vitamin B1 (also known as thiamine) acts as some kind of miracle nutrient to help plants grow healthier and larger, especially when administered after transplanting.Continue reading “Does Vitamin B1 Help Plants Grow?”

Our Favorite Healthy Restaurants in Denver, CO

We thought we’d take a brief departure from our usual tree service programming to share with you some of our most frequented healthy eating spots in Denver! During the time of the post, we’re still in the midst of coronavirus self-isolation and quarantine, which means lots of ordering from home and delivery food (thanks DoorDash!).Continue reading “Our Favorite Healthy Restaurants in Denver, CO”

Plant Classification of Trees and Shrubs

Genus. Species. Hybrid names. Cultivars. The following article on plant classification is for the more scientifically-minded and botanically-inclined who may desire to dive a bit deeper than our usual posts on the topics of tree care, pruning, or transplanting. This time around, we’re sharing this resource with you directly from The Complete Encyclopedia of TreesContinue reading “Plant Classification of Trees and Shrubs”

Preparing Your Soil for Tree Planting

If you haven’t guessed by now, we’re all about empowering our clients and readers alike with tree care resources (a rising tide floats all ships as they say!). In fact, we have found that our clients that are most knowledgable about tree care tend to get the most out of their experience working with us!Continue reading “Preparing Your Soil for Tree Planting”

Landscaping With The Quaking Aspen

One of our favorite tree care books, Landscaping with Native Trees, does a fantastic job of explaining how you can take common native trees and incorporate them into your landscaping. Not only do natural/native trees create visual interest, but it also makes it feel as if they perfectly belong in the environment. This book detailsContinue reading “Landscaping With The Quaking Aspen”

5 Popular Composting Myths

Not only is composting is good for the planet, but is also your first step towards proper tree care (see our article on Preparing Your Soil for Tree Planting)! Compost helps to divert waste away from our landfills and in return, and helps contribute to fewer greenhouse gases. If you’ve ever wanted to start composting,Continue reading “5 Popular Composting Myths”

Native Denver Trees: Cottonwood

Two species of cottonwood trees, the narrowleaf cottonwood and plains cottonwood, are not only abundant throughout Denver, but also a sight to behold. These majestic trees can tower as high as 60 feet high, and the female trees are well-know for releasing their cottony “snow” in the springtime (which also happens to be a sourceContinue reading “Native Denver Trees: Cottonwood”